I love technology

I've loved taking things apart to see how they work for as long as I can remember. It took me 20 years to develop the ability to make things work again in new and better ways.

Want to learn? iFixit has ~200k Teardown and Repair guides, some are good and many are quite excellent!

Trial and error

Learning through failure is the best way I can advise anyone to move towards mastery. To gain insight into what to expect with real-world repairs, I continually acquire hundreds of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronics and to-this-day spend countless hours dismantling and reassembling devices to understand what makes them tick.

Chance favors the prepared mind

I'm an extraordinary tinkerer and troubleshooting wizard, learning more accidentally than most do by design. You can do it too!

Start building Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and games on Xbox One.

You don't have to be part of a developer program to experiment, create, and test Xbox games or apps. All you need is a Partner Center Developer account. When you're ready to publish and sell games on Xbox One or use Xbox Live on Windows 10, you can join Xbox Live Creators Program or become an ID@Xbox developer. See Developer program overview for more info. Or just Download the Dev Mode Activation to get started!