I am a lifelong learner who strives to stir hearts and inform minds, foster passion for curiosity, empower bigger dreams and thinking, inspire innovation and achieve perspective by educating myself and others. But mostly I'm an efficient tech/data innovator, optimizer & wrangler with decades of troubleshooting expertise. Oh, and a tinkerer extraordinaire; learning more by accident, than most do by design.

WAF subsidizes a personalized treatment protocol through Millennium Health Centers that pinpoints and, most importantly, treats the underlying condition of traumatic brain injury suffered by service members and veterans in the line of duty.

There are 300,000 homeless vets, 1.4 million at risk of becoming homeless, the average homeless vet spends six years on the streets, ~460,000 suffering from PTSD, and each year 5000 vets die by their own hands. The band supports a number of military-based organizations listed during the final credits of the and on their website www.5fdp4Vets.com

My notes & references discovered & learned living with brain injuries

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Due to multiple in-service brain injuries, I was separated from the Navy...

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